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Visit at "Krua Thai Restaurant" in Malmo Sweden

My family and I now have several times been to Malmo, for some shopping and just to get away from home, the trip to Malmö takes about 30 minutes from Copenhagen and it's no big deal to drive over the bridge.

I have several times gone past "Krua Thai Restaurant" and often thought that we should try it, but then on Friday we drove late over the bridge and some shopping first and was now ready for some dinner.

We were nicely welcomed and sat at the table in the middle of the restaurant, the cute hostess told us that when it was weekend there were some of the dishes on the menu removed so that the chef could follow. This is the first time that I've tried to get a menu where about 20% of the dishes are not done to the chef does not get stress. Have I had my own thai takeaway for over 12 years by about 50 dishes on the menu and I could follow and I remove only dishes I could not get fresh produce.

I ordered as these dishes:

1 x large "THOD Man Pla" Thai fish cakes

1x "Kai Himmaphan" Chicken with Cashews

1x "Laab Pla" Thai style baked fish

1x "Tom Kha" Thai coconut milk soup with chicken

Thai jasmine rice

Beverage 2x 7UP and 1 Large Juice

Total price SKR = 453, - approximately DKK 375, -

Then came the food and it looked very nice, let's start with the Thai fish cakes with sweet chili sauce, they were large and tasted pretty good, now it is so that I personally like very much that it is a bit "sticky" and a must is the taste of lemon grass and lime leaves and this was not so evident here.

Court Chicken with Cashews was definitely the best dish, with lots of flavor, I am thinking that it would be so sweet, strong and salty, I was now very sorry that they use the smallest cashews they could be found (they were very small )

Court Thai style baked fish, are normally made in Thailand not with baked fish, but our sweet hostess, had also made us aware of this before we ordered, we were also told that it was to adapt the Swedish market. Court looked very strong (HOT) out (much chili, see photo), but it was not strong, but very tart tasted very artificial, as if it was used a complete mixture, such as from the Thai Knorr, the fish was now fine but now the dough tasted much of the frying oil.

The last dish Thai coconut milk soup with chicken, was the worst soup I have tasted ever, it consisted only of coconut milk, cilantro, chicken and mushrooms, it vas all very sweet, lacking acidity, now I have made this dish many times and I when I'm doing making this I use coconut milk, water, lemon grass, galanga, coriander, chili and chicken, but maybe this made to the Swedish market to, although this was not mentioned at the reservation.

I would like to say that it was great food and the price was very cheap if we compare with Denmark.

I would therefore like to give "Krua Thai Restaurant" 3 out of 6 stars

Where is your Quality control

My family and I have visited Asia House 2 times before and have been pleased with the visit, the two first visit I will give "Asia House" 3 out of 6 stars

but this time the 12-04-2017, it was definitely not of the same standard, but I will return to shortly.

Let's start with the beginning, we arrived as agreed about pm. 17.30 and there were some guests and it is normal for us to mean that the place is good, "for how well people are coming good people"

Asia House has a huge buffet with

10 dishes of Chinese food

10 x deep-fried things (such as shrimp, crab, squid, chicken, etc.).

10x accessories salad

5 x fresh fruit

6X Ice cream

Extra Rice, soup, pancakes and waffle

at another table there was sushi, soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger and Japanese seaweed salad

we were put at a table by the window and we ordered some drinks which came very quickly.

I started with sushi, whom you can see on my photo looks really nice out, it was a little like a mixed bag of sweets, that is, that most were really nice, but if you choose to see there was sushi with mango (yellow) and this was a very strange experience, especially when, like me, loves sushi and mango, but just not together. There was also one with fried tofu, this was not just me. (It must be said that I am very fond of tofu, I eat once a week), I think the tofu came from a can or a plastic tub, because that's how it tasted.

Now I'd love to try their "Mongolian Barbeque" Here I chose raw beef, chicken and small squid and a little green was the leek and onion, I went to the window with the chef and chose chili sauce, garlic sauce and barbeque sauce, then my right done and now I could smell a fragrance that I would describe as bad fish, that is, as if one has thawed fish at room temperature or much higher. I went down to my table and sure enough they were small squid bad. I threw immediately these out and the rest of my food was so salty that I nearly drank all my Easter brew under this dish


Now time has come to try the Chinese food here, I chose the pork in honey, this was so sour vinegar that one is tempted to believe that the chef no taste buds have, because it was so hard that you could not breathe after they had tasted it.

There was also dried beef, and it was so dry that it almost dust when you bit into it

I tried the chicken Goo pao it was the best dish

I tried also a chicken skewer, which was totally tasteless and dry, now came the turn of the baked things that you can in the picture was baked crab with (artificial crab meat, DVS fish with crab flavor, have never seen a crab)

Common to all the fried stuff was that oil disgorge when you cut them over.

Well now it was the turn of the coffee, ice cream and some fresh fruit, for what could go wrong here, you think enough, coffee was a nice coffee from a machine (like in a workplace), but the ice was certainly nice ice from Frisko ( the taste all Danes know) and now we come to the fruit which was nice, but not apples that tasted of mold, it was a little hard to say whether it was fluid, as they were in or whether you just had to cut the bad away and so there were oranges which were so dry that you could confuse them with yellow raisins.

This night cost us DKK 819, -

I must therefore say that we were very disappointed and it's a shame when before been happy with the food, it is hoped that they urgently get a grip on quality.

I would therefore like to give "Asia House"  1 out of 6 stars